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 Are You In Need of Help?  Locate Your Area of Need and Contact the Appropriate Staff Member.
Listed below are the directors and ministries that we provide.  Should you or someone you know have a need in any area listed please contact the email attached to each individual ministry.  A member of our staff will contact you within 48 hours.
We offer Ministerial Counseling--Often time ministers need help in preparing for their journey in ministry.  There are business perspective, proper planning for the future of your ministry and congregation that you may need to discuss with others ministers. 
Relationship Counseling- Preparing your heart, mind, soul and body for the covenant of marriage.  Exploring those things that make a marriage a lasting institution. 
Women's Counseling-- Discovering your womanhood. Addressing the issues that concern women including but not limited to your body, your mind, your circumstances and relationships.
Funeral Services and Grief Counseling- Assisting those who are experiencing the loss of family members and love ones.  Grief counseling available for dealing with the realization and aftermath of loss.  How to move on in the face of grief.  

Baby Christening/Dedication-- Giving you blessing back to God who gave him to you.  Placing children into the care and concern of God.  
Trust us to help you fulfill the call of God in your life.  We are helpers one of another. If you are in need of any of those services please contact the Ambassadors directly at kawmin@live.com 
Director of Counseling and Homeless Services
Director of Counseling and Homeless Services
Albert T. Here at KAW Ministries, Albert T. handles our Counseling and Homeless Services. Albert is a Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor and currently provides service and assistance to homeless men in the New York City Metropolitan area. He is a valuable resource and asset to the KAW family. If you are in need of assistance in this area contact Albert T. at kawmin@live.com