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Church History
In November 2010, Kneeling Ambassadors of Worship, Inc. (Kaw Ministries) was founded by Kelly Wallace Jr., Pastor/Executive Officer and Co-Pastor/Chief Operating Officer, Sarah Taylor.  Kneeling Ambassadors of Worship Temple, Inc. operates as a ministry of help to community leaders, church leaders and their congregations and the community at large.  Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, Kneeling Ambassadors of Worship, Inc. is a Non-for Profit, Pentecostal Faith-Based organization which believes in the coexistence of one GOD in three distinct person; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We have humility for God and Christ (John 3:30) in which we "Kneel" before our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are called "Ambassadors" who speak boldly (Eph. 6:19-20), Teach and Preach to all nations (Mark 13:10).  We are true "Worshipers" for the father seeketh such to worship him.  (John 4:23).  
Elders Wallace and Taylor, together with a volunteer staff, meet the needs of our community through various social service networks. We provide resources and referrals to various governmental and non-governmental agencies, offering assistance to all who need.  Our Goal is to reach the people of God through modern technology, preaching, teaching and compelling men and women to follow the principles of the Word of God. Our current worship experience happens weekly via teleconference on Sundays at 2:00PM, and Wednesday evenings at 8:30PM, at 701-801-9933. 

Since its (KAW Ministries) inception, and website construction we have grown as our internet following is well over 100,000 souls people locally and abroad, including Japan, Africa, and Beijing, just to name a few.  We endeavor to feed the multitude as Christ did by providing a bi-monthly food pantry servicing Brooklyn, and Queens.  We are not limited by the confines of a building we take the ministry wherever it is needed, providing executive security protection to clientele in the industries of music, church, government officials, and distinguished business professionals.

Elder Wallace is the Senior Executive of Entourage Executive Protection, LLC, and has been in the ministry for well over 20 years.  Licensed and Ordained an Elder in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ, and receiving his pastoral appointment in 2011, he has devoted his life to the commitment and care of the people of God. Elder Wallace is a Prayer Warrior, Stronghold Killer, Dynamic Teacher and laborer in the vineyard.  You will always find him using the word of God to help change the lives of those he comes in contact with.  His faithfulness to the call of God has propelled him to this place and time in the ministry.

Elder Taylor is the Co- Pastor/ Chief Operating Officer of Kaw Ministries. She is a Palmist, Preacher, Teacher, and Executive Administrator, has been in ministry for over 25 years.  She is Licensed and Ordained an Elder in the body of Christ, and received her pastoral credentials in 2011.  Elder Taylor is anointed to sing, and her gift has opened doors in Italy, Washington, DC and all across the United States.  She is a practical deliverer of the word and is often called the "Keep It Real Preacher"; she is not afraid or ashamed to tell you the truth.  
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