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These are the people who pray for us:
Bishop Kelly Wallace, Sr., Overseer
Bishop Kelly Wallace, Sr., Overseer
Bishop Wallace serves as the Overseer of the Wallace Temple of Christ, Inc., in Brooklyn, New York. Bishop Wallace was ordained a pastor in 1968, under the leadership of the late State Bishop Fredrick D. Washington.

Bishop Wallace is a man of strong convictions. He is a God-fearing man who greets you with a smile and the grace of God. Bishop believes that you should use the talent that God has blessed you with and walk in the good and perfect will of God. His Motto, "You are somebody and you are going somewhere."
Deacon John Taylor, Sr.
Deacon Taylor was ordained in 1995 at Zion Gospel Church, Inc., under the leadership of Reverend Del P. Shields, Ph.D., Bishop.  He is a hard working man dedicated and responsibile to the call of God in his life. 
Deacon Taylor is best known as the man who will feed any body.  A compassionate man who is thankful for the blessings of God in his life. He is the father of many sons and daughters in the gospel and a pillar of wisdom and strength.  He knows that God's Grace and Mercy brought him through and you will always hear him singing "Alleluia! The Storm Is Passing Over, Alleluia"